Intelligent Instructor

Intelligent Instructor is the only independent magazine aimed at approved driving instructors (ADIs). It has the highest circulation of any magazine on the market with an impressive 15,000 copies distributed directly to the ADIs home’s each month, whist also being available in all DVSA driving test centres nationwide. This helps to ensure the magazine has a very high readership as many instructors wait in the test centres whilst their students are out on their driving test and can browse the magazine.
Since launching in 2016,  the magazine has received widespread praise from the driving instructor industry, advertisers and instructors too. The magazine is a unique way to reach driving instructors, who in turn has a unique bond with the learner driver, who can also be reached via this medium.

The magazine mixes in industry news and views with expert advice on key issues such as training, marketing and other business tips. It’s an essential business tool for driving professionals, helping to increase both their profitability and efficiencies. Building brand with these instructors could be a very wise strategy as the student looks to their instructor for help, advice and recommendations.