Young Driver's Guide

The original FirstCar title, The Young Driver's Guide is the core of our print portfolio.

Printed twice a year, The Young Driver's Guide is aimed at new drivers aged 17-24. Some 150,000 copies are printed annually.

Packed with advice for learners and inexperienced drivers, this 116-page magazine guides youngsters through the challenging world of learning to drive and becoming an independent driver.

From lessons off the public road for under 17s, through applying for a provisional licence, to tips on passing the theory and practical tests, The Young Driver's Guide steers youngsters on the road to their full driving licence.

There's also help and advice on finding affordable insurance, becoming a better driver after passing, and choosing a safe, affordable and reliable first car. Celebrity interviews and competitions encourage readership and engagement, even with otherwise resistant youngsters.

The Young Driver's Guide is available for local road safety officers to use during road safety interventions, or to distribute afterwards to repeat and reinforce key road safety messages. 

The Young Driver’s Guide pricing:

  • >1,000 @ 95p each

  • 1,001-2,500 @ 90p each

  • 2,501-5,000 @ 80p each

  • 5,001+ @ 70p each

Direct delivery to outlets (including pre/post calls) at £7.50 per address. Find out more about our additional services here.